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Surveying & Mapping

Surveying & Mapping

Moran Consulting's Survey and Mapping team is equipped with the latest electronic survey equipment to meet your project's needs. Since the firm's early days, heavy focus has been placed on keeping up with surveying and mapping technology and maximizing our electronic capabilities. Site dissimilitude warrants both equipment and a highly skill staff to get the job done. Our survey team's years of experience on the field and in the office reduce field errors and construction cost.

  • Condominium Mapping
  • Final Subdivision Mapping
  • Utility Mapping
  • Lot Line Adjustment
  • Legal Description and Exhibit
  • A.L.T.A. Survey
  • Architectural Survey
  • As-Built Survey
  • Boundary Survey
  • Topographical Survey
  • Records of Survey
  • Construction Staking

Georeferenced Surveys


GIS/BIM Compatible: By utilizing GNSS/GPS surveying techniques, in combination with high-precision total station field surveys, we
can easily overlay our surveys onto any georeferenced imagery (e.g. Google Earth, GIS, etc.), allowing non-CADD users to access
digital data and compare to real-world surroundings.

Highly Accurate and Fast Process: GNSS/GPS technology supplements conventional total station surveys by providing positioning data quickly with relatively high accuracy. Since the data collection process is faster than conventional total stations, the time for getting final results and making decisions is shorter; minimizing down time.


3D Utility Mapping


Visualize Utility Conflicts Before They Happen: In projects dense with utilities, identifying utility conflicts before they happen is critical to minimizing construction delays and costly re-designs. Our 3-D Utility mapping allows Engineers, Field Staff, and Managers to easily visualize utility conflicts and identify iable options for re-routing.




Get the Big Picture: Document Site Conditions in 3D - Compared to conventional 2-D photographs with limited view angles and perspectives, 3-D site documentation allows Contractors, Engineers, and other Design Professionals to immediately assess site conditions remotely; minimizing the need for site visits and lengthy down times.

Ground Level Photogrammetry: Pre-construction conditions and project milestones are documented quickly with ground level photogrammetry; providing Contactors, Designers, and Owners with a real world representation of site conditions. This process is significantly more cost effective than a conventional as-built survey, and provides more complete real world model than 2-D progress photographs ever will.

When High Precision is a Must: In situations where survey grade precision is a must, laser scanning provides high precision 3-D models of site conditions. High density point clouds generated by laser scanning are processed by out engineering and surveying staff, and relevant information is extracted as needed. As the needs of the project change, additional information can always be extracted from the point cloud; giving the team the information they need as they need it, without overwhelming them with information.

Both Optical and Laser Scanning 3-D models can be calibrated to local or GPS control points, for integration with GIS & BIM applications.




Professional Mapping: Moran Consulting Corporation is an early adopter of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) technology and has FAA certified sUAS Pilots with the ability to fly in controlled airspace. Our Engineering and Survey Professionals ensure that the quality of information gathered and extracted from sUAS flights meet or exceed professional grade accuracy.

Aerial Maps in 48 hours: The advantages and applictions of sUAS technology are vast and span various industries. In design applications, the ability to gather aerial imagery quickly can reduce design schedules by a matter of weeks; when compared to conventional photogrammetry.

Our pilots can be deployed within 24 hours and generate Aerial Maps in as little as 48 hours if needed.

Create your own perspective: An added benefit of sUAS models is the point cloud generated from the aerial imagery. These point clouds essentially give each pixel in the aerial image an X,Y,Z coordinate, allowing for the creation of a 3-D model that can be rotated and manipulated to capture views from any angle.

The 3-D model generated form the sUAS point cloud can be combined with ground level photogrammetry to provide users with unprecedented real life models.

Site Monitoring: Repeatable, Consistent, and Reliable measurements are a must for proper site montoring. Our sUAS flight paths are preprogrammed with GPS waypoints and calibrated with survyed ground control points, so the exact flight path can be repeated each time the mission is flown.


BIM/GIS Integration

BIM/GIS Integration

Bringing it all together – Our Georeferenced Surveys, UAS Maps, 3-D Utility Mapping, and scans can all be calibrated to local and/or GPS coordinates for easy integration with BIM or GIS systems. Users at all levels can now access site information in an organized and accessible manner. The days of massive paper maps, binders, and hanging files are over. Contact us to get started!

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