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Our Process

Unlike companies that focus on either land planning, engineering, or surveying, we are able to deliver a project from concept through construction.

By taking ownership of the full process, we have a vested interest in the success of the project from beginning to end. A good design and precise process can result in significant savings for the client in both construction cost and time.

Planning/Preliminary Engineering Phase

  • We minimize the need for a prolonged design and construction process by properly identifying the challenges and constraints of a project from the start, minimizing costly surprises later on.
  • In the planning stages, we identify site constraints, check for any changes in local, state, or federal regulations, and create a design concept that achieves the client’s goals within the confines of such constraints. The proposed concept is then vetted through our preliminary coordination with governing agencies and our own in-house constructability review process, and adjustments are made before entering into the design phase.
  • The client can be confident that by the end of the planning stage, they will have a concept that complies with local, state, and federal regulations, and is buildable. Minimizing the need to “go back to the drawing board” multiple times throughout the design and construction phases.


Design Phase

  • During the design phase, we prepare detailed construction drawings that will instruct the Contractor on how to build the Project as envisioned by the Client in the design concept.
  • Our construction drawings are prepared with more in mind than simply obtaining a building permit. Our goal is to provide the Client with a set of drawings with sufficient detail to allow the contractor to easily identify the scope of work, quantities of material, and design intent.
  • By leaving little room for interpretation, the Client can be confident that all Construction Bids received are competitive, and that change orders do to ambiguity in design drawings are minimized. This results in less time problem solving during construction, less costly change orders, and expedited project delivery; benefiting the Client, the Contractor, and the Community impacted by construction activities.


Construction Phase

  • During the construction phase, we work hand-in hand with the Contractor during the entire process.
  • We monitor the construction progress from the initial ground breaking all the way through project delivery.
  • By being familiar with the status of the project at any given time, we are able to quickly offer workable solutions to construction issues should any unforeseeable issues arise.

Civil Engineering

Surveying & Mapping

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