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Our Beliefs


Moran Consulting Corporation

We believe strong collaboration, honesty and responsible design are the cornerstone to success.
We believe our services have a lasting impact on every community we work in. The projects built per our designs will be an integral part of the community for years to come. We see it as our duty to ensure that our designs benefit the community surrounding it and generations of families that will enjoy it for years to come.

Core Purpose

Moran Consulting will provide top-quality design, planning and engineering services that benefit not just the client, but the community as well.

Mission & Values

Through solid civil engineering and surveying principles, Moran Consulting will responsibly and ethically design the transformation and successful future of the communities we serve.


That through responsible and ethical land planning, high quality engineering design, and efficient land surveying; we can add more value to a project than our competition.


When Moran Consulting delivers a project, the value of our services goes beyond the limits of the project boundaries, providing a positive and valuable impact on the surrounding community.


We are honest with our clients about what is achievable from the start of the design process. We do not believe in bait & switch tactics.


We do not wait to “get caught” with a mistake. If we see something in our design that can be improved, or corrected, we will do it.


We build strong relationships with our clients, and we are attentive and responsive to our clients’ needs.


When we take on a project from a client, we take the time to understand the client’s goals and vision for the project. Early in the design process, we establish achievable expectations based on the project’s constraints and the client’s objective. Ensuring the client is happy with what he/she will be getting once the design process is complete.