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About Us


Moran Consulting Corporation

Our firm was created to provide engineering, land planning, and surveying services at a level of performance above and beyond the industry standard level of care.




Founded in 1954 by Edward L. Pearson, the Moran Consulting Corporation was originally named the Pearson Group.



In 1994, after one of the worst recessions in recent history, two employees took ownership and renamed the company R.T. Quinn & Associates. They established a reputation for providing excellent, honest, and professional services throughout southern California, and led the company through the best and worst times of the engineering industry.



Today, on the heels of yet another great recession, the Company is again passed on to the next generation of engineers. Led by Cesar Moran, P.E. the company looks forward to another 60 years of excellence.

Mr. Moran was the project engineer for the South Los Angeles Wetlands Park project from “cradle to grave.” Cesar provided professional support throughout this challenging project, and he was consistently a pleasure to work with.

- John Saldin, City of Los Angeles

Cesar Moran has worked as the civil engineer on Kearny’s Century Business Center and Kearny South Bay redevelopment projects for the past 5 years. We have engaged with other civil engineers but Cesar’s work, expediency and dedication surpass all others. He is highly respected by his clients and colleagues.

- Anne Price, Kearny



Each construction site, and each project design, has its own unique challenges and demands.

Our clients turn to us for surveying, storm water design, infill developments, analysis, permit management and a multitude of other services needed within a project's scope. We stress the benefit of great communication between all parties, responsible and ethical practices, and alternative contingencies. Most importantly, we believe that the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Value Adders

Our clients understand the value of a competent design team with a superior reputation within the industry.

Great design and planning can result in significant savings in both construction cost and time, and our ability to take ownership of the project from beginning to end ensures that the client's goals and visions are well understood and achievable. The true value of our services goes beyond the limits of the project, however — it also has a positive impact on the surrounding community.

Surprise Minimizers

Some surprises are fun — but not on a construction project.

We avoid ambiguity in design projects, leave little room for interpretation, and work hand-in-hand with clients and contractors during the entire process, from groundbreaking through project delivery. When the challenges and constraints of a project are properly identified from the start, there are unforseen surprises later on.

Transforming the Community

We are not just in this business to serve our clients — we also want to improve the quality of life for residents of the community.

Our projects take under-utilized land and transform it into sources of community pride. Whether it be a new housing project, school, park, roadway, or commercial development, we do everything with the goal of improving life for the community at large.

Proactive Achievers

Getting "caught" with a mistake is not our style.

If we see something in our design that can be improved or corrected, we will address it immediately. We believe in honesty and integrity as well as clear, thorough collaboration. Our designs go beyond meeting minimum code requirements; high quality, professional consulting based on years of experience in the industry creates positive results — and confident clients.